The Nakba Crossword

May 8th, 2017|   Which country hosts 2.7 million Palestinian refugees? What's the name of the UN body set up to aid Palestinians? What's the name of the savoury chickpea dip? Test your knowledge of the Nakba and the Palestinian people with our crossword puzzle! Download it here. Stay tuned for the answers - to be revealed [...]

Lebanon Diaries: Final Day

December 5th, 2016| On our last day in Lebanon we visited a family living in Jal al-Bahr, an unofficial Palestinian refugee camp located on the Tyre coast. With no barrier to protect the camp from the harsh winds of winter, houses are destroyed and damaged year after year. Every winter, crashing waves, higher each year, come pounding [...]

August 10th, 2016|

Take a look at what our #BackToSchool campaign achieved last year in the Lebanon refugee camps!(Source:

May 31st, 2016|

In May 2016, Interpal Lebanon Field Office delivered educational material and pedagogical toys to two kindergarten in Lebanon’s refugee camps (Bekaa and Tyre). The toys included children’s books, reading corner, mobility toys, music instruments, kids’ fancy dress costumes, Lego, Sport & gymnastic corner and a basketball rim!

Leanne Mohamad: “Palestine is my country, my land and my home”

May 24th, 2016|

“Palestine is my country, my land and my home. Their pain is my pain and their freedom is my freedom. And I believe that if war can happen in 24 hours, then so can peace.” Congratulations to Leanne Mohamad, who was crowned the winner at the 2015-16 “Speak Out” Challenge! Redbridge Regional Final with a [...]

Palestine Verses 2016 – 2nd Place: ‘We will be angry’ by John Ling

May 24th, 2016| We will be angry (after Gaza 2014) Take my land give it a new name say it was yours before let me have a small part call it a “territory”. I will be angry. In my territory let new people come, your people, from all over, let them find my water, build their houses [...]

May 18th, 2016|

Water is a human right: We recently set up a new Water Filtration Unit in Al Buss refugee camp (Lebanon) that now provides hundreds of Palestinian families with clean ‪water‬ every day. Thank you all for your wonderful support.

April 21st, 2016|