Camp Profiles

Camp Profiles

In the sections below, we take a look at how life is like in Palestinian refugee camps. Over 1.5 million Palestinians – one third of the registered Palestine refugees – live in 58 recognized refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Unfortunately, lack of appropriate funding means that most of these camps are little more than shanty towns, with rampant squalor.

Mieh Mieh Refugee Camp, Lebanon

Located 4km east of Sidon, established in 1984. Refugees generally came from Saffourieh, Tiereh, Haifa and Miron in Palestine. Suffered considerable damage during years of civil conflict, particularly in July 1991 when 15% of its [...]

Mar Elias Refugee Camp, Lebanon

Located southwest of Beirut, it is the smallest camp in Lebanon. Founded in 1952 by the Mar Elias Greek Orthodox convent to house refugees from Galilee. Most of the men work as casual labourers or [...]