Interpal’s Top Ten Moments in 2017


  1. Supporting families during Ramadan

Your donations enabled us to support over 15,000 families during our Ramadan and Qurbani campaigns with much needed financial aid, staple food items, access to fresh clean drinking water, and much more.




  1. Improving access to water for over 10,000 refugees

With your help, we have delivered clean, safe drinking water to over 100,000 Palestinian refugees over the course of the year. There’s still lots to be done. Find out more about our water projects here.




  1. Nakba Narratives event

Our Nakba Narratives Event in May raised over £80,000 for our projects and was a key event raising awareness of the ongoing humanitarian crisis facing Palestinian refugees. Take a look at our pictures!




  1. Restocking Gaza’s Hospitals

You helped re-stock Gaza’s hospitals clinics with essential drugs, disposables and medical equipment, improving healthcare for hundreds of thousands of people. Learn more here!




  1. Celebrating Eid Ul Adha

We delivered Qurbani meat to 8,000 vulnerable Palestinian families. Financial aid, food vouchers and Eid gifts were distributed and fun activities for children were organised. Take a look at the pictures here.





  1. Getting Palestinian children back to school

In September, you helped us provide educational resources to support kindergartens in refugees camps in Lebanon. Palestinian children want to be able to go to school, your support helped over 1500 children to do so!





  1. The Disabled Outreach Bus Project

Disability makes living in Gaza that much more challenging. Your support, however, enabled us to help over 200 people with disabilities through our Outreach Bus Service in Gaza. Find out more about the project here.





  1. The Balfour Declaration

This November marked 100 years since the signing of the Balfour Declaration. Over 1000 supporters signed our letter to the British Foreign Secretary in support of Palestinian rights. You can still send the letter here!





  1. Palestine Verses

Thanks to all the amazing artists for their amazing performances at our Palestine Verses event earlier this month. You wowed the crowd not only with their confidence but also their meaningful words. Take a look at the pictures!





  1. Giving with Love this Winter

Our winter campaign started in November and is already making a difference to thousands of families, helping pay for blankets, heaters, warm clothes, fuel, food and shelter. There’s still time to donate, find out more here.

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