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Bearing Witness: The Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

DAY 1- BEKAA (241)

Interpal’s ‘Bearing Witness’ Programme sends delegates, volunteers and staff members to its areas of operation in order to witness for themselves the humanitarian situation on the ground and the impact of Interpal’s projects in the region.

In line with this, Interpal organised a women’s delegation to Lebanon from 14th-19th February 2016.

The delegates included Abeda Laher, Yvonne Ridley, Victoria Brittain and Naomi Foyle. Members of staff from Interpal accompanied the delegation. The purpose of the visit was focus on addressing the particular struggles and challenges faced by women and girls in and around refugee camps, and the contributions that women are making to their communities.

The delegation visited a number of institutions and projects aided by Interpal and visited the homes of families that the charity supports. This included visits to the Women’s Community Programme, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Al-Shifaa for Medical Programmes and the Zakat Fund.



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