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Madinah: City of Refuge

The Makkan Muslims were refugees. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ was also a refugee. Refugee crises continue across the Ummah today. The longest running refugee crisis in the world is that of the Palestinians. Their situation stands in stark contrast to that of the Makkan Muslims, who were welcomed into Madinah and given refuge, homes and rights.

We have much to learn from the compassion of those in Madinah who embraced the Prophet ﷺ and his followers, and how we too can emulate this spirit of generosity and humanity to share with refugees across the globe.

Interpal hosted an insightful and inspiring evening with respected speakers Dr.Uthman Lateef, Ustadh Asim Khan and Ibrahim Hewitt.

We also heard first-hand stories that our fundraisers brought back from their recent visit to the Palestinian and Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.

In total we raised just over £12,000 which will go directly to providing vital humanitarian aid projects to see refugees through the harsh winter months.

Thank you for your support and let’s continue to come together #ForPalestine this year.

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