Reflections from a Refugee Camp


Our experience in Lebanon was incredibly moving for everyone involved. Here we are in a centre for the elderly. We were privileged to hear the stories of residents at the centre, some of whom still cherished memories of Palestine.

A wizened 83 year old named Fatima told us of her two children, both of whom struggle with muscle disease and are unable to carry their own weight. We were shocked to learn that she carries them on her hunched back wherever they need to go, displaying the kind of care that only a mother can give.

It was at this moment that members of our team felt compelled to ask the dreaded, unspoken question, “who will look after your two disabled sons if something were to happen to you and your husband?” She replied with tears streaming down her face as she raised her hands to the sky and said simply, but confidently, “Allah.”

May Allah ease their pain and difficulties. Please keep your donations coming in:

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