The 27th August marks two years since the official end to the 51 days of destruction inflicted on Gaza in 2014. Two years later, 75,000 people are still displaced as a result of the onslaught.  As we
enter the run-up to Eid-al-Adha and our Qurbani campaign, we pray for those left dispossessed and traumatised by the Israeli offensive.

Remembering the anniversary of the ceasefire is of course, an important recognition of the end of the war, and we welcome the fact that news of the ceasefire brought with it a feeling of relief for families battered by the deluge of explosives and rubble. However, it is equally important to stress that for many families in Gaza, life can never go back to normal. Illnesses such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress are on the increase, and many inhabitants fear that Gaza could not survive another attack of this magnitude.

We also remember that despite the ceasefire, collective punishment is routinely exacted on the people of Gaza through unlawful detention and the impediments to freedom of movement and association that the occupation imposes.

On this day, our thoughts turn to those still struggling to rebuild their lives and to our tem in the Interpal Gaza Office who work tirelessly to repair the damage on the ground and provide much-needed emotional support to those who have been devastated by the attack.

As part of our Qurbani campaign, we urge you to come #TogetherForPalestine and share your blessings with those in the Holy Land who are poverty-stricken and desperate during a time which should be filled with celebration.

Your generosity can bring a moment of joy to families who have been devastated and are in need of aid.  Give the gift of Qurbani to Palestinians this Eid. Call 0208 961 9993 now or visit to donate.