Interpal is deeply concerned by reports of a series of airstrikes that targeted the Gaza Strip last night and in the early hours of this morning. At least four Palestinians have been reported injured, amongst them a 17-year-old boy (Source: The Guardian). The airstrikes were ordered in response to a reports of a small number of rockets being fired towards Sderot. There have been no reported injuries as a result of these.

This is the biggest increase in tensions since Operation Protective Edge in 2014 and comes just before the anniversary of the 2014 ceasefire.

It is crucial to remember that for the people of Gaza, not knowing when their homes and families will next be attacked causes immense psychological pressure. Gaza has not yet recovered from the destruction of two years ago, and incidents of escalation, which attract media interest do not always account for the long-term structural problems witnessed by those working on the ground.

Our team will be keeping an eye on the humanitarian situation and responding immediately should the airstrikes continue.


In situations such as these, we are all the more appreciative of our field staff, who work tirelessly in this climate of uncertainty and danger. We keep them in our thoughts at this time.