The trustees and staff of Interpal have welcomed an apology from the Times for an article published on 2 May 2016 which suggested that chair of trustees Ibrahim Hewitt is anti-Semitic. The apology reads as follows:

In an article (“The warning that a triumphant team failed to heed”, News, May 2) we suggested that Ibrahim Hewitt is anti-Semitic. Mr Hewitt has asked us to clarify, and we accept, that this was incorrect and that he is not and never has been anti-Semitic. We are happy to put this on record and apologise to him for any distress caused.

Accusations of illegal, immoral and deeply unpleasant activities are commonplace against those involved in pro-Palestinian activism of any kind, including people in the humanitarian and advocacy sectors in which Interpal is involved. They are intended not only to damage the reputation of organisations and individuals but also to divert valuable resources away from the task in hand; namely, helping Palestinians in desperate need. Rest assured that Interpal will continue to do all it can to bring much-needed humanitarian aid and long-term development to the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the bleak refugee camps of Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

Everyone here at Interpal would like to thank our donors and supporters for their continued trust in the charity and its work.