In 1948, thousands of civilians in Palestine were massacred and hundreds of villages were destroyed. At the same time, over 750,000 Palestinian men, women and children were expelled from their homes and forced to live as refugees in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. This is the Palestinian Nakba- their Catastrophe.

68 years have now passed and the Palestinian refugee population has grown to more than 5 million.

Many who first witnessed the Nakba have passed away, still as refugees. For those who remain, their hope of return has been taken from them. They now precede three generations of refugees, all suffering from the same indignities of refugee status, poverty and violence.

68 years later, the Palestinian refugee crisis is now the longest-running refugee crisis in the world, and the humanitarian  catastrophe continues.


“I left Palestine when I was ten. I still remember every part of my land, I can’t forget. Now I am displaced again, and this is not a place of living.”
Fatima, 78 years old, Palestinian refugee from Syria, now in Al Aoudi Refugee Camp, Lebanon.

How you can help

Palestinian refugees are in urgent need. The worsening conditions on the ground have increased vulnerability and left many struggling to cope.

By making a small donation today, you can provide a vital lifeline of support. This year, Interpal is pledging to support the most vulnerable, with a focus on the elderly and those with special needs.

To donate, please visit or call 020 8961 9993