More than 9,842 registered refugees
2 schools
1 health centre
Majority aged between 13-40
  • Located in Southern Beirut, it was established in 1949 by the International Committee of the Red Cross to accommodate the hundreds of refugees who came from Amka, Majed-al-Kroum and al-Yajour area villages in northern Palestine after 1948.
  • The camp was devastated during 1982 Israeli invasion and was regularly targeted during the Lebanese civil war, resulting in destruction of property and further displacement of refugees.
  • The majority of men work as labourers or run grocery stores and women tend to work as cleaners.
  • Environmental health conditions are extremely bad and shelters are damp and overcrowded, and many have open drains.
  • The sewerage system needs considerable expansion; an infrastructure project is currently being implemented in the camp to upgrade the sewage, the storm water system and the water network.