“Syria used to be the place where Palestinian refugees enjoyed the highest standard of living, I was a civil servant and now I have to borrow money to pay the rent.” – Yusef, Palestinian refugee from Syria, who now lives in Gaza with his family.

Palestinian refugees in Syria have been among the worst affected by the bloodshed and destruction wrought by the conflict:

1. An estimated 450,000 of the 560,000 refugees registered with UNRWA in Syria remain inside the country.

2. An estimated 95 per cent (430,000) are relying on UNRWA assistance to meet their basic needs.

3. Nearly half of the 560,000 Palestinian refugees registered with UNRWA before the start of the conflict have lost their homes.

4. 3,183 Palestinian refugees have been killed in Syria.

5. Over 60% of those remaining inside Syria (280,000) are internally displaced, and over 110,000 have fled to neighbouring countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and increasingly, to Europe.

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