Meet Lamis, from Bourj El Barajneh refugee camp, Lebanon.

Lamis, 7, lives in Bourj El Barajneh refugee camp in Lebanon, with her parents, grandparents and brother Hadi. Lamis suffers from hydrocephalus (a build-up of fluid on the brain, which puts pressure on the brain and can damage it) and epilepsy. She had to undergo two separate brain surgeries. Lamis also suffers from legs length discrepancy. She needs to wear a KAFO (Knee Ankle Foot Orthotics) on a daily basis as her right leg is still 11cm shorter than her left leg.

Lamis attends Dr. Mohammad Khalid Social Foundation, a rehabilitation centre that costs $2,000 per year. Lamis’ father works as a delivery man and earns $500 a month. Without Interpal’s monthly sponsorship, he wouldn’t be able to cover Lamis’ medical needs. Thanks to the physiotherapy sessions she receives at the rehabilitation centre, Lamis has made lots of progress. She also benefits from psychological health support which helps her focus and improve her learning.

Lamis has a very strong personality. She is a cute and brave girl who always tries to face her difficulties by attending all activities organized by Interpal. Taking part in these activities help her improve her communication skills.

We started supporting Lamis in 2010. The monthly sponsorship she receives has made the family very optimistic towards her treatment and her health situation:

“Disability never stops success. Disabled children have pure souls. Thanks to your support and generosity, Lamis and millions of disabled Palestinian children will have a bright future” said Lamis’ mother.

Lamis and her family thank Interpal and everyone who helps her continue her studies and overcome her suffering.

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