Helping Syrian children continue their education in Lebanon
– Al Insaani School

Being the new kid at school is always difficult, but being
the new kid in a new country, having fled conflict and not knowing when you can
return home is more than any child should cope with.

The conflict in Syria has now led to over 2 million children becoming refugees, and a huge number of these
have fled to Lebanon for safety.
Lebanon was already home to over 400,000
Palestinian refugees, and this tiny country is struggling with the influx of
more people seeking safety and a new start.

Interpal has supported the Al Insaani School, which was set up to give children that have
fled from Syria a safe space and access to education.
The curriculum is
Syrian, and this ensures children are not left behind or under extra stress
trying to learn a new syllabus. The school provides a quality education for
over 250 students as well as supporting teachers from Syria too.

The school provides extra-curricular activities, including psycho-social help for children suffering
from trauma and anxiety
and it creates a space where the children feel less
alone. The school also has a bus, provided by Interpal, to students from further away
can safely get to school and transport costs don’t prevent them attending.

Beyond the Al Insaani school, Interpal continues to provide special fee support for gifted
Palestinian refugee children
so they can attend quality schools as well as
supporting vocational education for refugee children to provide them with an
alternative route into higher education or employment.

We want to increase the number of students we help, and we
need your support. Please donate this vital Sadaqa Jariya and give stability,
education and happiness to a young refugee student. Thank you.

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