Interpal’s Back to School Campaign

has always been highly regarded by the Palestinian community and has been seen
as a way to move beyond the refugee camps and the restrictions that
Palestinians continue to face.

The environment for Palestinian children makes educational attainment difficult
due to poor living conditions, frequent electricity cuts, lack of access to
study resources and stress and trauma
. The Palestinian population as a whole is
very young. In the occupied territories, almost 50% of the population is under

Here at Interpal, we support the right to education for all Palestinians
by providing thousands of disadvantaged children and students with the means
and resources to help them reach their full potential.
Our “Back to school”
campaign aims to make the journey into education easier and to ensure that
displaced and refugee children have a chance at getting out of the poverty

How are we helping?

We provide school kits, uniforms and school fees
for deprived and refugee children.

We support educational institutions through
providing generators and scientific equipment as well as building classrooms.

We support schools through providing computers,
buses, toys and extra-curricular support.

We help university students pay their tuition fees.

We support special
needs education (including learning programmes for children with hearing
impairments, running costs for specialist centres and support for Syrian
refugee children).

This work is only made possible through the kindness and
generosity of our donors. By contributing towards our “Back to School” campaign, you will help educating the generation of tomorrow and
bring some hope and stability to the lives of refugee children.

If you’d like to make a donation, give us a call on 0208 961
9993 or visit our website!