Why I stand with Palestine – by Sara, 15.

Many of you my age would have probably grown up hearing
about all the devastating events that have been occurring constantly in Gaza.
But the pain that me and my family would experience when hearing that our own
country and own people were being attacked, and we weren’t able to do anything
about it, was one to remember. It wasn’t easy continuously seeing rather
disturbing images being viewed onto the big screen. Children and adults were
getting killed inhumanely and it was sad to know that they were all innocent. Unfortunately
no peace agreement has been reached, and Palestinian civilians are still having
a rather rough time.

These events lead to homes being destroyed, families being
broken down and many painful losses. However we know that if we stand with
Palestine we could at least give them hope. I think that if people came
together and fought for the Palestinians’ freedom and rights, it would make a

Volunteering at Interpal has helped me learn how I can help
give those people hope, by just doing a simple act. And that simple act would
change a person’s life. It also makes one satisfied participating first hand.
It also shows you all the time and effort that has been put in by others to try
and make a change.

I strongly suggest that helping out Interpal will make a
change. You can do this by Fundraising for Palestine, getting involved with
their advocacy work, volunteering with them or even making a donation.