Children in Gaza draw what they believe the future of Gaza looks like

(1) – This is 6-year-old Yosef Al Yazir. He remembers the last war but says that this one is far worse: “There are a lot of children killed.”

(2) – 14-year old Kasem Alqerem holds his drawing depicting how he see’s the future of Gaza. Taken at the school shelter in Gaza City.

(3) – 9-year old Doaa sitting in a classroom also at the school shelter in Gaza City shows a drawing of how she see’s the future of Gaza. The drawing is a happy one with a smiling sun, bright blue sky and people gathering outside a house.

(4) – 10-year old Shahed Dhabba shows her drawing for the future of Gaza. Her picture also shows what she and her family witnessed as they fled their family home in Gaza’s Shishya neighbourhood.

(5) – 11-year old Aya Abu Asi stands in front of a blackboard in the school shelter of Gaza City. Her home was destroyed by heavy bombardment in Gaza’s Shishya neighbourhood. She says that the worst part has been “the people who got killed in the street.