There are 1.3 million Palestinians suffering from food insecurity across Palestine and its neighbouring refugee camps. The recent crisis in Gaza has plunged thousands of Palestinians in to even deeper poverty than before. Almost every family in Gaza is mourning the loss of one or more relative.

And we are not forgetting the thousands of Palestinians who are still suffering in the West Bank, Lebanon and Jordan. They all are in desperate need of our help. 

With Eid Al Adha soon approaching, we are reminded that many Palestinians do not have the opportunity to enjoy this special time as we so fortunately can.

Interpal is providing you with the opportunity to direct your sacrifice to Palestine. As a result of your donation Interpal is able to ensure blessed Qurbani meat is distributed to the poorest Palestinian families across the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Lebanon and Jordan. Last year our teams recorded the distribution of Qurbani to 8,000 families.

For £85, your Qurbani will be carried out in the most economical location abroad and you can be assured it will be Shariah compliant.

Help make the world of difference for a Palestinian family on Eid day. Call 020 8961 9993 or donate online via