How have your donations to Interpal helped the people of Gaza?

Thanks to you, we have been able to carry out the following emergency work during the recent Israeli bombardments. 

The work doesn’t stop here- Palestinians are still in desperate need and the death toll is still rising.To donate, call 020 8961 9993 or visit

So far Interpal has:

1) Set up medical points to support internally displaced Palestinians where they are seeking refuge

2) Provided our Outreach Buses to the hospitals to help with urgent errands

3) Provided aid packs to internally displaced families which include food and non-food aid such as diapers, baby milk and hygiene supplies

4) Planned to support pharmacists and nurses to help hospitals cope with the current influx of patients

5) Hired qualified ambulance services team to support Al Shifa Hospital

6) Provided medical supplies to help hospital patients in the Middle Area

7) Provided medical supplies to El Wafa hospital in their current temporary location. This will be on-going support

8) Distributed blankets and food to affected families in Khan Younis and financial aid for people in the Middle Area (Deir al Balah). We will also distribute aid in Rafah shortly

9) Worked with local hospitals and the Ministry of Health so we can directly respond to their requests for those injured and hurt

10) Delivered aid to Al Shifa, Al Nasser and Jabaliya hospitals. This includes medical aid such as disposables, medical cushions, solutions for laboratories and assistive devices such as crutches and wheelchairs

11) Liaised with the Palestine Trauma Centre to support their work with children and families and address the psychosocial damage caused by such violence

12) Supporting the displaced families sheltering in schools- the field team have visited them, and we have provided food aid

13) Helped those needing medical treatment to get out of Gaza and responded to special calls for help

14) Aided the entry of a team of British doctors into Gaza via the Rafah border 

15) Supported Palestinian refugees across all our areas of operation

With thanks to our donors and the Interpal Gaza Office.